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The Future is Experience Marketing


As consumers have adapted to the convenience of online shopping, the challenge for Shopping Centres, brands and retailers is how to deliver in-centre & in-store experiences that are consistent with their digital expectations. As a retail activation agency, we’re driven to meet this mission head on, optimise brand value and to increase in-centre & in-store foot traffic and sales for our clients.

And in this environment, where do you start when it comes to delighting your guests, diners, shoppers & visitors. 


Coast to Castle can develop a wide range of Retail Activation Marketing with custom ideas, events and experiential activations to promote store openings, engage shoppers and stimulate purchases.



Triggering the impulse to buy

Whether it’s a specific event or project or a fully integrated initiative, Coast to Castle’s approach is grounded through insights and motivated by results. Effective retail activations will not only increase Centre & brand visibility but increase purchase intent and drive conversion rates.

Producing critical points – both in and out of  Centre.